Chair: Francis Walker
Vice Chair: Dale Clay
Secretary/Treasurer:  Rebecca Curry

5 Responses to Bath

  1. Charlotte Zahn says:

    Hi. I would like to become active in the Bath Committee and County Committee. Please get back to me ASAP

    • richmondmegop says:

      Hello Charlotte

      The next meeting of the Sagadahoc County Republicans is tomorrow, Wed. January 27th at 6pm at the Bowdoin Central School. The Bath committee will have a short meeting before the County meeting. I hope you can make it. If not, someone from the Bath committee will contact you. We currently have a temporary Chair in Bath, Ray Hutton.

      Thank you,
      Mary Alioto

    • richmondmegop says:

      Oh, can you please give me your contact information? Address, phone, email? Thank you

  2. Larry Holcombe says:

    Looking for some information on local Republican officials.

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