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Maine GOP State Committee Unanimously Authorizes Party To Act On Referenda

Resolution authorizes party to dedicate any and all resources Chairman sees fit to advance core Republican principles of income tax elimination & welfare reform

AUGUSTA – Following a Maine legislative session that saw Democrats obstruct efforts to pass meaningful welfare reform measures, as well as giving Maine people the right to vote to phase out the income tax, the Maine Republican State Committee has passed a resolution authorizing Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett to dedicate and deploy any and all party resources he deems necessary to support Maine voter referenda to phase out and eliminate the Maine income tax, as well as to support substantive welfare reforms that the vast majority of Maine people demand.

Chairman Bennett’s statement is as follows:

“I am pleased that our State Committee spoke strongly today in support of the unifying issues of ending Maine’s income tax and truly reforming Maine’s welfare system.These are key issues for Maine’s economy and budget that people across Maine are united behind, and that Republican leaders in Augusta fully believe in.

The Maine Republican Party stands ready to fight for the right of Maine people to vote on substantive, common sense welfare reforms, and to vote on phasing out and eventually eliminating Maine’s income tax.  Maine families should have the right to keep more of what they earn. Maine’s oppressive income tax discourages investment, stifles opportunity, and kills jobs.

Further, the vast majority of Mainers understand the imperative need to bring common-sense fixes to our bloated welfare system. They see the abuse and the waste in the system every day.

As Governor LePage said in his inaugural address earlier this year, we must turn Maine from a state of poverty to a state of prosperity. Our young people deserve the opportunity to build a future in Maine. It is time for real reform. The party of reform is the Maine GOP.”


The full resolution passed by the Maine Republican Party State Committee can be found here:


WHEREAS, Governor Paul LePage called for welfare reform and tax reform in his 2014 campaign and was reelected with the highest number of votes of any governor in Maine history;

WHEREAS, in the same election Republicans won a resounding majority in Maine Senate and gained extraordinarily in the Maine House of Representatives, with 43 newly elected members;

WHEREAS, in his Second Inaugural Address Governor LePage announced the goal of turning Maine from a state of poverty to a state of prosperity;

WHEREAS, despite Republican efforts for reform, Maine’s welfare system continues to allow abuse, waste, and an intergenerational cycle of dependency, providing benefits to able-bodied adults and undocumented immigrants while commitments to needy citizens are unfulfilled;

WHEREAS, Maine’s state income tax remains one of the most oppressive in the country – stifling entrepreneurship, discouraging investment, and killing jobs;

WHEREAS, Maine people have consistently and overwhelmingly indicated their support for reforming Maine’s broken welfare system and reducing Maine’s oppressive income tax burden;

WHEREAS, Maine’s Republican officeholders, including Governor Paul LePage and leadership in the Maine Senate and the Maine House of Representatives, along with many leading Maine citizens, have stood united in calling for reform of the welfare system through statute and the elimination of the income tax through an amendment to Maine’s Constitution ratified by the people;

WHEREAS, Democrat legislators, by their intransigence and hostility to reform in the recent session of the Maine Legislature, have frustrated these efforts and opposed meaningful welfare and reform and denied Maine people an opportunity to vote on such a Constitutional amendment to eliminate the income tax; and

WHEREAS, the current Maine Republican Party Platform, ratified on April 25, 2014, declares that “[w]elfare is a safety-net for Maine’s most vulnerable” and “[s]upport[s] the assimilation of legal immigrants into Maine society”;

WHEREAS, the Platform further declares that “[t]he profits of an individual’s efforts … belong to the individual” and that “[e]conomic prosperity is achieved by promoting investment, stability, and a positive business climate” and avows a policy to “reduce the Maine tax burden” through “sound fiscal management”;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Maine Republican Party supports comprehensive reform of Maine’s welfare system and the elimination of Maine’s income tax and hereby authorizes and directs the Chairman of the Maine Republican Party to deploy party resources at his discretion to bring these about, including through the citizens’ initiative and referendum process as allowed in Maine’s Constitution;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be transmitted to Governor Paul LePage and to Republican members of the Maine Legislature.



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